What is Intentional Design?

How do we thoughtfully invest in adolescent girls?
Mindful that conventionally configured programs often only negligibly reach the most off-track, and in light of scarce global resources, the Community of Practice supports practitioners in making program decisions that will reach and impact the lives of those most likely to be excluded – the poorest girls in the poorest communities.

To do so, the Community of Practice offers an approach – Intentional Design.

The Intentional Design approach is an evidence-based model for the design of girl-centered programs that generates a cycle of information collection and analysis, supporting practitioners in:

Learning is sequential and step-wise, each collection of evidence or insight building up from the preceding one; it is not unidirectional, and it is always possible to go back and refine previous steps taken or use what was gained from one step to inform others.

This sequential learning approach promotes fairness and creativity – each tool is a “first draft” – and lays the basis for effective research and evaluation.

For step-wise technical guidance on the Intentional Design approach, please see our new publication, “Intentional Design: Reaching the Most Excluded Girls in the Poorest Communities—A Guide for Practitioners and Advocates.”