In Conversations, you will be able to find compelling stories from our colleagues and friends working tirelessly to improve the lives of their target populations of girls. This section features written, audio, and visual dialogues with practitioners around a number of key topics including feminist approaches to this work, building successful mentorship models, top myths of girls’ programs, and more. These will be both instructive and informative to you all as you continue to tackle many design, implementation, and evaluation elements of your programs.

Exploring the Overlap: Women Now's Feminist Approach to Humanitarian Support and the Community of Practice

Judith Bruce, Director of the Adolescent Girls Community of Practice, interviews Aisha Dennis, former Director of Women Now for Development. Together, as they explore how Women Now is applying a feminist approach to their girls’ programming as they explore reaching new populations in-need.

Sports as a Protective Asset Building Tool for Girls - in Kenya, Egypt, and Beyond

Judith Bruce, Director of the Adolescent Girls Community of Practice, discusses with Martha Brady, Community of Practice alumna and current Director of Sexual and Reproductive Health at PATH, the history and evidence base around the impact sports can have on girls globally in building their protective assets.

Resilience in the Face of a Pandemic: The Covid Response for In-School Girls in Morogoro Tanzania

Polly Dolan, Tina Adam, and Sarah Hewitt of the SEGA Girls School sit down with Judith Bruce and Sophie Soares to discuss the impact of the pandemic on the school and their girls, identifying their timely and innovative modes of response, sustained support to the girls through isolation, and the important lessons learned.