Adolescent Girls Initiative – Kenya (AGI-K) Health and Life Skills Curriculum

These health and life skills learning sessions, collectively titled Health and Life Skills Curriculum, were developed as part of the Adolescent Girls Initiative – Kenya (AGI-K). The overall goal of the program is to help young, vulnerable adolescent girls in two of Kenya’s most marginalized areas – urban slums and rural Northeastern Kenya – build their social, health and economic assets. Kenyan girls are faced with social isolation, economic vulnerability and lack of appropriate health information and services – factors that prevent a healthy transition from girlhood into womanhood. This curriculum is designed to equip girls with the life skills and knowledge to help maintain happy and healthy lifestyles and be empowered with the confidence to assert their rights and protect themselves from harm and threats. There are two curriculum available – one that was developed for urban contexts (Kibera) and one for rural contexts (Wajir).