Adolescent Girls Initiative – Kenya (AGI-K) Dream Big! Shillings for our Future Curriculum

These financial education learning sessions, collectively titled Dream Big! Shillings for Our Future, were developed as part of the Adolescent Girls Initiative – Kenya (AGI-K). The overall goal of the program is to help young, vulnerable adolescent girls in two of Kenya’s most marginalized areas – urban slums and rural Northeastern Kenya – build their social, health and economic assets. Specifically, in order to build girls’ economic assets, they participate in sessions on financial education, as well as have the opportunity to open savings accounts (urban) or save informally (rural). Dream Big! Shillings for Our Future is a collection of learning sessions designed to prepare adolescent girls for the financial responsibilities of adulthood, providing them with the knowledge and skills to transition from economic dependence to independence. There are two curriculum available – one that was developed for urban contexts (Kibera) and one for rural contexts (Wajir).