“And still they persist..” – 8-PART SERIES on Community Protection and Revitalization from the Front Lines of Covid-19 Response

by Sophie Soares

2020 has proven to be an unexpectedly dynamic year as we face the Covid-19 crisis head-on. Amidst the pandemic, practitioners and advocates are finding innovative ways to build and sustain social cohesion, among girls and their communities,

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Batonga Foundation Takes on Four Critical Activities in Benin’s Covid-19 Crisis​ (Part 3, Covid-19 Response Series)

by Caitlin Hone, Program and Outreach Officer, Batonga Foundation

The Batonga Foundation, founded by Beninese singer/songwriter Angelique Kidjo in 2006, is one of the few organizations that invests exclusively in adolescent girls and young women in Benin. The

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