SMASH Adolescent Girls Community of Practice (SAG-CoP)’s response to COVID-19 in Mwanza, Tanzania: Strategic Communication, Adaptive Restructuring, and Prioritizing Sustainability (Part 8, Covid-19 Response Series)

by Sono Recovatus and Samantha Berg

About SAG-CoP
In early 2017, a group of 16 like-minded NGOs and CBOs in the Mwanza region of Tanzania came together to form the SMASH Adolescent Girls Community of Practice (SAG-CoP). Coordinated by a

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Can adolescent girls’ safe space clubs effectively run solar-powered mobile phone charging stations in rural Sierra Leone?

by Nadia Assad and Sarah Blake

Solar-Powered Mobile Phone Charging Hubs and Adolescent Girls

Access to electricity in rural Sierra Leone is scarce. While data are weak, estimates on the proportion of households having regular access to electricity range from

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